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Anchor Point

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About Us

Based in East Greenwich and North Smithfield, Rhode Island, Anchor Point Early Learning Academy is a high-quality early education program with a center-based curriculum. Our low student-to-teacher ratios allow for a more individualized approach, helping each child be successful.

Our mission is to inspire a child’s love of learning and exploring. We do so through a curriculum that fosters their inherent intellectual, physical, artistic, and academic abilities.

Choose your location below to view our range of classroom offerings.

  • Toddler Classroom: 18 Months – 3 Years
  • Preschool Classroom: 3 – 4 Years 
  • Pre-kindergarten Classroom: 4 – 5 Years
  • Infant Classroom 1: 6 Weeks – 12 Months
  • Infant Classroom 2: 12 Months – 18 Months
  • Toddler Classroom: 18 Months – 3 Years
  • Preschool Classroom: 3 – 4 Years
  • Pre-kindergarten Classroom: 4-5 Years

Our Story

“As a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and once I was in college, I fell deeply in love with the endless possibilities of the early childhood education field. At that moment, I knew this was my life-long calling, but little did I know what the future would hold and just how much my passion would grow in the coming years. Owning my own school was a retirement plan, something Joey and I would do when our kids were grown, but we quickly learned that things don’t always go according to plan; something that I would be forever grateful for. When a family member received an unexpected life changing diagnosis, Joey and I knew in our hearts that we needed to create a space that parents felt like they were dropping their child off to family. We wanted nothing more than to create that for other families who we knew were tirelessly searching for the same thing. Thus, our community and our schools were created from the heart of a mom and the mindfulness of a teacher. We built an inclusive, supportive and kind space where the services offered encouraged their child to thrive and were integrated right into their daily routine. Knowing that when a child needs extra support and services, some families have expressed the need to leave careers or make difficult decisions in order meet these needs, we built our school to be a place where a child can receive services in-house, providing an experience where families do not have to choose between their careers or providing their child with the support they need to succeed. Their providers and educators can work together to collaborate the best supports for the child, and we work together with your family to provide an inclusive foundational learning experience. Since our foundation in 2019, we’ve expanded from North Smithfield to East Greenwich, servicing over 150 different children, both neurodiverse and neurotypical children.”

– Amanda Gildea-Atkins, Founder

Our Values

Positive Environments

Where children, families, and staff feel safe, secure and engaged.

Center Based Learning

Allowing for hands-on exploration that develops a passion for learning.


We support every child’s unique learning style and needs.

Open Communication

We build strong relationships with families to bridge the gap from school to home.

Continued Education

Our staff strives to provide the best education for your children through their own professional development.

At Anchor Point, you’re in good hands

Each of our lead classroom teachers is thoroughly vetted and goes through a rigorous interview process before securing employment at Anchor Point. We are proud to share that each of lead teachers has the following qualifications:

  • CPR/ First Aid certified
  • Knowledge of early childhood development
  • Experience working with children of varying needs
  • Knowledge of the REILDS Standards and how to connect them to classroom lesson plans
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree
  • At least 3 years experience in the field
  • Ability to scaffold and make decisions based on each individual child within the classroom
  • Kindness, compassion, and love for all children and peers

Our Team


Amanda Gildea-Atkins


Brittany Murphy

North Smithfield Site Director

Justine Adalio

Lead Toddler Teacher

Kayleigh Turmel

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Sarah DePina

Lead Preschool Teacher

Leah Williams

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Amy Reifel

Lead Pre-K Teacher

Donna DeFusco

Assistant Pre-K Teacher

Chelsie Tatro

East Greenwich Site Director

Sarah Maine

Lead Infant Teacher

Cheyenne Boisclair

Assistant Infant Teacher

Bonnie Darling

Float Teacher

Allison Baker

Lead Infant 2 Teacher

Aubrey Calcagni

Assistant Lead 2 Teacher

Anna Tucker

Lead Toddler 1 Teacher

Briana Knight

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Shayna Cousineau

Lead Toddler Teacher

Crystal Ocasio

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Lauren Jelenffy

Lead Preschool Teacher

Ashley McCrone

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Nikki Williams

Assistant Preschool Teacher

Alyssa Turner

Lead Pre-K Teacher

Molly Boyle

Assistant Pre-K Teacher

Makayla Calkins

Executive Director