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Our Programs

Toddlers (Eighteen Months to Three Years)

Toddlers are learning about the world around them while discovering and exploring their identity and independence.

In this classroom, we focus on individual growth, initiative, and encourage self help skills. Children will play and explorer within the classroom as well as play in our outdoor space.

Preschool (Three Years to Four Years)

This is the age of questions! Children in preschool will ask hundreds of questions each and every day! Our goal is to answer all of these questions and foster children’s opportunity for problem solving and critical thinking.

Preschool is also about learning to filter emotions and impulses in a way that is appropriate. We are committed to adapt to each child’s specific learning style while fostering their natural curiosity and love for learning.

Pre-kindergarten (Four Years to Five Years)

Your child is almost ready for kindergarten! Children use language to learn and will engage in more collaboration within a group, learn how to problem solve, and be a responsive listener.

We feel it is important to put an emphasis on emotional and academic reading so that your child is ready for this big transition. Through teacher directed and independent activities in both whole and small group, we will provide opportunities, investigation, exploration, and discovery throughout the day.




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